Battlefield Collection Military Sportswear gets re-developed at Wide Open

Written by WideOpenAdmin on July 27, 2012

Wide Open Re-Develops Battlefield Collection LLC.Battlefield Collection Authentic Military Sportswear is the nations premier military sportswear line and an Officially Licensed Product of the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy.

After working on and launching, Phil told us he had another project he wanted us to help with.  He explained the site was currently live and looked ok, but the developers didn’t make it work the way Phil and his partners wanted it to work.  So they brought it over to Wide Open.

The issues with the site consisted of load times, lack of search engine optimization and clunky checkout process.  Among a long list of changes and tweaks, the biggest thing they wanted was to have a single page checkout.

We took Phil’s design and implemented it within WordPress.  We created a custom theme and then installed and setup the WP e-Commerce plug-in.  With this plug-in, we were able to have their single page checkout, incorporate their credit card processing and have total control over the design of the store.

All of their product images were transparent .png files which caused a lot of their heavy load times.  They were like this so they could display the stone background behind the product images.  What we did was left the thumbnails as .png files but for the large product images, we placed the stone background within the image and saved them as .jpgs.  This lighted their load times a good bit.  Their slider images were also .pngs which we converted over to .jpgs as well.

To help with search engine optimization, we installed and setup the All-in-One SEO Pack plug-in so each page would have its own title, description and keywords.  We also made images contain their product titles within the image tags and tried to use as much plain text as possible.

One last thing we setup was some RSS readers on the main military branch pages.  To achieve this, we used the Display RSS Feeds Anywhere plug-in.  Each military branch pages pulls in their respective branch news from the Military Times Network RSS feeds. is our 6th site to go live at Wide Open in 2012.  It is also our 63rd Google Verified website.

If you are looking for web hosting, web design or web development, please let us know.  We are more then happy to help.


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