Carbaugh Concrete Moves To Wide Open

Written by WideOpenAdmin on December 22, 2011

Carbaugh Concrete Blog ImageNear the end of October in 2011, Carbaugh Concrete contacted us.  They were seeking a new website where they could log in and make changes themselves instead of relying on a web company to make their changes.  This was not a problem for Wide Open.  We designed their new site and implemented it on a WordPress platform.

One of the largest items they wanted to tackle was displaying their work.  They not only wanted to put up pictures of their past projects but also archive them to essentially build a running portfolio.  We did this by creating multiple categories for them to create new posts in.  From the WordPress admin they could enter a title of their job, some of the job details and upload the images they wanted to display.  We then created a separate template to display the information they added.  You can view an example of the custom template at their Mifflin County High School page or view their entire Commercial Projects archive.

Another big item they wanted was a GIANT photo gallery full of pictures.  This task was a breeze with the Photospace plug-in.  I was able to create a page and use the plug-in’s shortcode to display their gallery.  The Carbaugh Concrete staff can now upload whatever images they want to the gallery page and the plug-in will create a thumbnail & large image and place it into a sharp looking gallery.

The last request they had was a Plan Room.  They wanted a place where subcontractors could log in and view various jobs the company had to offer.  Each job is able to display various drawings & specs that unique to each job.  To gain access to these jobs, a user has to contact Carbaugh Concrete and request a username and password to log in.  They preferred this method oppose to automatic sign ups because they wanted to control who had access to the various files.

Wide Open was able to accomplish all the challenges Carbaugh Concrete had.  Once the site was live, we installed and activated JetPack and got the site Google Verified.

If you are looking for a web re-design or seeking new web hosting, please contact us.

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