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Written by WideOpenAdmin on June 14, 2011

Online Photo Editor Pixlr LogoWide Open is a web design & web hosting company, but on a daily basis we also do website maintenance.  A lot of our daily maintenance includes adding products to online stores which involves some minor image editing (resizing, cropping, ect).  Our hourly rate for maintenance like this is $65/hour.

Many clients ask if there is a way they can do this themselves so they can avoid the maintenance bill (which is understandable).  I used to tell them not unless they own an image editor to resize their images and make them web ready.  But now I have some great news.  There is a website which you can do image editing online.  The website is called Pixlr.com.

This website has been around since 2009, however I just discovered it today.  The site is great as you can do pretty much any kind image editing in PhotoShop on this website.  This website will end up saving you hundreds to thousands in software costs and avoid the computer threats and virius that come with torrents and piracy websites.

You can check out all the details and various tools they offer at Pixlr.com.

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