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Written by WideOpenAdmin on April 12, 2012

Phil Pierce Art Wide Open Blog ImageWe recently launched a new website for military artist Phil Pierce.  The new website is PhilPierceArt.com.

The website serves as an not only an online portfolio of Phil’s work but also a place to purchase Phil’s artwork online.

This website has one of the sharpest designs in Wide Open’s portfolio and unfortunately, we can not take credit for it.  The designed was created by Phil himself.  What we did was take the original, multi-layered photoshop design Phil created and turned it into a fully functioning website.

We first took his design and extracted all the images we needed to create a standard template (background images, navigation images, hover images, ect).  We then created multiple static pages which include the artist biography, art dealers page and contact page.

After getting the static pages created, we installed and configured a PHP version e-commerce templates online store.  Once the store files were configured and MySQL database was setup, we used the design from the static pages and implemented them into the store pages.

Once the store was setup, we moved on to adding a hosted WordPress blog.  This required creating an additional MySQL database and developing a theme to match the online store pages and static pages.

Once everything was setup, we asked the client to check it out.  Once everything was approved, we linked the store to the clients payment processor, ran a few test transactions and made the site live and got the site Google Verified.

This site is the forth site we launched this year.  This is also our forth website in the past five years in which we took another designer’s design and turned it into a fully functioning website.  Besides PhilPierceArt.com, we have also done this for NYSSA-PGA.org, MailFast.us and Pomonas.com.

So if you are a web or graphic designer who can design a site but can’t turn it into a functioning website, give us a call or email us.

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