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Written by WideOpenAdmin on August 12, 2011

Gary Casteel Web Design and Client TransferEarlier this week, Gary Casteel had transferred his website hosting to Wide Open Communications.  With this latest addition, it would seem Wide Open is the number one stop for hosting Artists and Art Based websites.

We host many individual artist websites like Gettysburg’s own Civil War artist Dale Gallon, one of the foremost historical artists Larry Selman and one of the most popular living artist in the United States, LeRoy Neiman.  All of these sites allow their visitors the option to purchase various pieces of their artwork online.

While we do host individual artist websites, we also host and maintain websites that sell other artist’s artwork. These sites include and

While the artists mentioned above utilize their talents with a pencil, paints and a canvas, we host a few websites of artists which use their creative talents on various other mediums.  Hunterstown Woodworks creates wooden chairs, clocks, cabinets and much more by hand while Hobbitt House Pottery creates some amazing hand thrown pottery out of Fairfield, PA.

While Wide Open is not limited to only hosting art based websites, it does seem to be a consistent theme throughout our portfolio.  If you are an artist looking for a website redesign or looking or a new web host, shoot us an email.

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