Google Experiments with the +1 Button

Written by WideOpenAdmin on March 31, 2011

This week, Google announced it’s latest experiment, The +1 Button. This button will let other Google users know which sites have been recommended or “Liked” but other Google users.

At the moment, this is only an experiment. If you want to join the experiment and start +1ing pages, you can enroll in the program at You will need a Google Profile in order to enroll in the experiment. Wide Open has already enrolled and we +1ed our own site (obviously).

The future of the +1 Button looks bright. Not only will the button have the social media aspect of it by letting other Google users know what’s popular, but the number of +1s will also help sites improve their Google ranking. In the future, they plan to add the +1 Button to the search engine advertisements. This way users can see which ads or sales are positive or are recommended by other users.

Below is video which Google made which explains the +1 Button in further detail. If you sign up for the experiment, be sure to +1 Wide Open Communications!

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