HorryLaw.com goes live at WOC

Written by WideOpenAdmin on December 20, 2011

HorryLaw.com Blog ImageA few months ago, we redesigned a website for the law firm Singleton, Burroughs & Young, P.A. located in South Carolina.  After completing the site on our end, we told the client all that was left to do was change the nameservers on their domain, HorryLaw.com.  Today they were finally changed.

HorryLaw.com used to host with Wide Open Communications a few years back.  Not sure why they transferred away (it was before I started here) but when they wanted someone to update the site, they contacted us.  We redesigned their site with two different designs.  One design for the main pages and another design for the sub pages.  We also added some drop-down navigation scripts to help consolidate all their various navigation options.  Lastly we added a general contact form on every page so a potential, future client could contact the firm from any page they were on.

Singleton, Burroughs & Young, P.A. joins our growing list of attorney websites which also include Campbell & White, P.C. and Henry O. Heiser, III.

As always, if you are seeking web hosting, a web design or redesign or just general internet help, please let us know.

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