New Trends Construction Goes Live

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New Trends Construction Blog ImageWe recently just launched the website for New Trends Construction, a company specializing in building good quality, affordable homes in the Accra-Tema metropolis of Ghana.  This is our first site to go live in 2012.

NTC wanted a website where they could display a lot of info on the various house models they offer and available plots as well as information about the various developments they have going on.  To make adding content easy for the user, we developed the site in WordPress.

From the WordPress admin, NTC staff is able to add new house plans, update their list of features and add homes that they have for sale.  They are also able to view web stats for their site from the WordPress admin.

Another feature they wanted on the website was the option to fill out an online application.  Using the WordPress plug-in Contact Form 7, we made an application which when submitted, pushes an email to the applicant as well as a person on the NTC staff.  The form is also editable from the WP admin.

This website is just the first of many websites we’ll be launching this year.  Check back for other websites that will go live in 2012.  Also check back often as we will be launching a SLEW of new services throughout the year including purchasing hosting online.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or need general internet help, shoot us an email or call us at 717-337-2424.

Carbaugh Concrete Moves To Wide Open

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Carbaugh Concrete Blog ImageNear the end of October in 2011, Carbaugh Concrete contacted us.  They were seeking a new website where they could log in and make changes themselves instead of relying on a web company to make their changes.  This was not a problem for Wide Open.  We designed their new site and implemented it on a WordPress platform.

One of the largest items they wanted to tackle was displaying their work.  They not only wanted to put up pictures of their past projects but also archive them to essentially build a running portfolio.  We did this by creating multiple categories for them to create new posts in.  From the WordPress admin they could enter a title of their job, some of the job details and upload the images they wanted to display.  We then created a separate template to display the information they added.  You can view an example of the custom template at their Mifflin County High School page or view their entire Commercial Projects archive.

Another big item they wanted was a GIANT photo gallery full of pictures.  This task was a breeze with the Photospace plug-in.  I was able to create a page and use the plug-in’s shortcode to display their gallery.  The Carbaugh Concrete staff can now upload whatever images they want to the gallery page and the plug-in will create a thumbnail & large image and place it into a sharp looking gallery.

The last request they had was a Plan Room.  They wanted a place where subcontractors could log in and view various jobs the company had to offer.  Each job is able to display various drawings & specs that unique to each job.  To gain access to these jobs, a user has to contact Carbaugh Concrete and request a username and password to log in.  They preferred this method oppose to automatic sign ups because they wanted to control who had access to the various files.

Wide Open was able to accomplish all the challenges Carbaugh Concrete had.  Once the site was live, we installed and activated JetPack and got the site Google Verified.

If you are looking for a web re-design or seeking new web hosting, please contact us. goes live at WOC

Written by WideOpenAdmin on December 20, 2011 | Leave a Comment Blog ImageA few months ago, we redesigned a website for the law firm Singleton, Burroughs & Young, P.A. located in South Carolina.  After completing the site on our end, we told the client all that was left to do was change the nameservers on their domain,  Today they were finally changed. used to host with Wide Open Communications a few years back.  Not sure why they transferred away (it was before I started here) but when they wanted someone to update the site, they contacted us.  We redesigned their site with two different designs.  One design for the main pages and another design for the sub pages.  We also added some drop-down navigation scripts to help consolidate all their various navigation options.  Lastly we added a general contact form on every page so a potential, future client could contact the firm from any page they were on.

Singleton, Burroughs & Young, P.A. joins our growing list of attorney websites which also include Campbell & White, P.C. and Henry O. Heiser, III.

As always, if you are seeking web hosting, a web design or redesign or just general internet help, please let us know.

WordPress 3.3 Now Available

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WordPress 3.3 UpdateThis morning, I logged into’s WordPress admin to see our latest stats when I was greeted to an alert that WordPress 3.3 was available.  After updating, I saw some pretty neat changes.

First one I noticed was an update screen which lets you know that your WordPress system has been updated.  You can also view the credits of the people who helped craft the latest update.  They also added tool tips which pop-up after the update to point out all the new features.

Second big thing I noticed was an updated left hand navigation bar in the admin.  Now when you mouseover an option a pop-out displays with various sub-options (example: you mouse over Posts, a pop-out displays with All Posts, Add new, Categories and Tags).  This makes it easier to get to your desired destination much quicker.

The third major change I noticed was with uploading media.  You now have the ability to drag-and-drop files into the upload window.  They also did away with multiple upload icons (image, music, media) and replaced them with one general icon.  The upload method now relies on HTML5 & Silverlight instead of Flash.

Other changes include an updated Admin Bar, updated jQuery code, responsive layout and the added ability to customize the post editor.

If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend updating ASAP.

From Kentico to WordPress

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During the last few months, in our spare time, we have been moving our website from the Kentico CMS to WordPress. We have been using WordPress more and more to make our most recent websites and thought it was time for our website to be on the same system we have been growing VERY fond of.

WordPress will make it easier to not only manage and update our site, but also help us increase search engine exposure and run better.

Also within the coming months, we will be adding some features so people can purchase web hosting directly online.  This way, the web professionals out there seeking web hosting can purchase it from us if they want.  We will also offer Reseller Hosting if you are a web designer/developer with multiple clients and need a new web host.  Of course we will always be available by phone if you need us (during regular business hours).

As always, if you have any questions, comments, need a website or just need some general internet help, please let us know.

Get a FREE Website Estimate

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Hey Internet,

Last week we added a custom tab to our Facebook page called FREE Estimate.  If you go and Like Wide Open, you can fill out a form to get an instant, free estimate.  The app will send you a copy of your estimate if you want to contact us for a further discussion about your future website.  Check it out today!

Gary Casteel Hosting at Wide Open

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Gary Casteel Web Design and Client TransferEarlier this week, Gary Casteel had transferred his website hosting to Wide Open Communications.  With this latest addition, it would seem Wide Open is the number one stop for hosting Artists and Art Based websites.

We host many individual artist websites like Gettysburg’s own Civil War artist Dale Gallon, one of the foremost historical artists Larry Selman and one of the most popular living artist in the United States, LeRoy Neiman.  All of these sites allow their visitors the option to purchase various pieces of their artwork online.

While we do host individual artist websites, we also host and maintain websites that sell other artist’s artwork. These sites include and

While the artists mentioned above utilize their talents with a pencil, paints and a canvas, we host a few websites of artists which use their creative talents on various other mediums.  Hunterstown Woodworks creates wooden chairs, clocks, cabinets and much more by hand while Hobbitt House Pottery creates some amazing hand thrown pottery out of Fairfield, PA.

While Wide Open is not limited to only hosting art based websites, it does seem to be a consistent theme throughout our portfolio.  If you are an artist looking for a website redesign or looking or a new web host, shoot us an email.

Rarrick Orthodontics Website

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Website Design for Rarrick Orthodontics.comJuly has been a busy month at the Wide Open office as we just launched our third site in one month.  Today we launched

Dr. Mark Rarrick contacted us to create a website for his business which has two offices.  One in Gettysburg (right across the street from Wide Open) and the other in Waynesboro.  He wanted a simple website which provided information about his business and his staff while also educating the visitor about orthodontics.

The website offers general education about orthodontics as well as orthodontic tips and emergency solutions.  The site also features a before and after gallery of patients who can now show off their pearly whites with confidence.

You can check out the website by clicking here.  If you are seeking a new website, a redesigned website or a webmaster to maintain your website, contact us today.

Littlestown, PA Hosting at Wide Open

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Web Design for by Wide Open CommunicationsBack in the end of May 2011, Wide Open met with the council members of Littlestown Borough to discuss their website,

They had another web design company doing the maintenance to their site.  However, they grew quite impatient with their webmasters as they took a very long time to update their website after requests for updates were sent via email.  So Littlestown staff were looking for a web design and web hosting company that could update the site so their staff could update the website themselves.  We offered them three options to achive this goal.

  1. Copy the entire site over to Wide Open servers and do future site maintance via Dreamweaver or another web editor.
  2. Duplicate the site design (with minor enhancements) on top of the WordPress platform.  Future edits and updates would be done via the WordPress admin.
  3. Create a totally new site design on top of the WordPress platform.  Future edits and updates would be done via the WordPress admin.

On a meeting on June 14th, Council opted for option number 2 as they liked the current design.  We were notified of their decision on June 27th and immediently got to work on the site.  In less then a month, we setup the WordPress site, created a new WordPress theme based on their previous website design, transferred all PDFs from previous host and uploaded them into WordPress and setup all their email accounts on our servers.

Their revamped website went live in the morning of July 19th, 2011.

Another Addition to our Portfolio

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Image of Web Design for High Water Mark RelicsToday Wide Open Communicaitons launched a new website for a local business in Fairfield, PA, High Water Mark Relics.

High Water Mark Relics is a Family owned and operated business located in Fairfield, PA. They are your key source for Civil War Artifacts along with United States Coins and Currency. They have been in business since 2001 and offer a wide varity of items on their site.

The site has an online store using e-commerce templates.  This way the business owners can add, edit and delete items on their time without having to rely on Wide Open to add the products for them.  Their store integrates with their PayPal account so they can do transactions online.  Also, their website links to their Facebook and E-Baypages.

Lastly we created a new Google AdWords account for them to advertise online AND hooked them up with a $100 credit to start running their ads. is our 7th new website to go live in 2011 and joins the community of over 100 websites hosted at Wide Open.

FREE Website Estimate on