Very Cool Apple…Very cool.

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apple-logoWide Open is a PC environment, however when we hear a story like this, we have to give it props.

Apparently, a guy bought an iPad 2 when it launched and was happy with it, but the wife was not.  The guy had returned it with a Post-It note on it saysing “Wife said no“.  The VPs of Apple eventally heard about this and sent him a new iPad 2 with a Post-It note on it saying “Apple said yes!“.

Quite cool of a major company.  I can only imagen the slew of people thinking of doing the same thing.


Wide Open Launches Another site!

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K9-Bedbug-Detection-Services-website-designed-by-Wide-Open-CommunicationsWide Open launched a new website today, They are an independent bed bug inspection company but not a pest management company. They can inspect hotels, motels, resorts, bed and breakfasts, rental homes, apartments, schools, colleges, camps, churches, libraries, movie theaters, retail space, office space, homes, luggage, busses, planes, automobiles, trains and more.

WOC designed this website and also hosts this website.  This is one of the first few websites which is hosted on our new Linux servers.

The site was developed in the WordPress platform and utilizes a variety of WordPress Plug-ins. also has several other domain names including,, and

If you are having or feel you may have a bedbug issue, these are the people to contact!

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Wide Open Communications launched the redeisgned website for Neiderer Sanitation on February 28, 2011.

Neiderer Sanitation provides residential and municipal trash collection and roll-off dumpster service in Adams County and limited areas of York County.

Neiderer Sanitation contacted Wide Open Communications back in the late December of 2010 to redesign their website.  After the holidays, we started working on the redesign of their future site.  Once they picked their design, we began installing and setting up their hosted WordPress site.  We applied the design, trasnferred the content, installed several WordPress Plug-Ins and got them up and running as soon as we could.

Click here to check out the redesigned site.  If you want Wide Open to redesign your site, contact us today!

Hunterstown Woodworks Article

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Joe MatthewsJoe Matthews from contacted Wide Open Communications today to have a link placed on his website which links to a recent article about him.

The article is in the March/April issue of Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine.

You can view the article in an online magazine format by clicking here!

Scam E-mails and Other Dangers

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I received an email today on the behalf of one of our clients. The subject of the email was “Twitter Notification“. I actually received two of them. I looked a bit more into it and realized it was a scam email.

The email posed as a twitter notification email but the link within the email went to a totally different site then what was indicated. This could have went to a site which injected malware on to my computer or to a site that looked like a Twitter login form in an attempt to obtain my username and password for my account.

twitter notification scam email - ALERT

These emails happen WAY to often and you can protect yourself by being careful. If you mouseover a link and wait for a few seconds, you should see a box show up with the URL the link is linked to. If they do not match or it goes to a site you do not recognize, DO NOT CLICK. If you receive a scam email, mark it as spam to avoid any future e-mails from the sender.

Unfortunately, these spammers have a success rate or else they wouldn’t keep sending these out. Just be careful when checking your email. If you have any questions, comments or concerns with your email, please contact us.

WordPress 3.1 Released

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wordpress-logoWordPress has released their latest version of WordPress, 3.1. This release includes some new features like redesigned linking workflow, an admin bar and arefreshed blue admin scheme. If you are rockin’ a WordPress, it’s time for an update!

Click here to view more details

Facebook for Businesses

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Wide Open Communications will make a Facebook page for youLike it or not, social media is not going anywhere.  Billions of people are using Facebook on a daily basis.  Not only as a place to meet or catch up with friends (or kill time at work), but to also market businesses.  If your business is not on Facebook, you could be missing out.

If you offer products or a service, Facebook is something you NEED.  If you have a new product or a special you want to announce, you can throw it up on Facebook with a link to your site and hopefully drive up some sales or at least receive some phone calls about it.

However, we know your time is precious and don’t have time to create or update a Facebook page.  So let us do it.  Wide Open Communications will create a Facebook page for you under our main Wide Open Communications account.  From there, you can “Like” it from your personal Facebook account and we will make you an admin to your page.  Then you have the option to update it if you have a minute OR you can e-mail Wide Open and we’ll post the update for you.  This way your Facebook is up to date and you wasted no time in updating it.

If you’ve been wanting a Facebook page for your business, but don’t have time to mess with it, please give us a call at 717-337-2424 (toll free: 1-800-521-9688) or e-mail us.  We’ll do our best to get you all sqaured away.

Already have a Facebook page, but no time to manage it?  Make Wide Open an admin of your page and we can update it for you with whatever status you want.  One simple email or phone call gets you all setup.  Call us today.

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Pomona's Bakery and Cafe Website at Wide Open CommunicationsWide Open Communications recently launched the redesigned website for Pomona’s Bakery Cafe located in Biglerville, PA.

The website’s design/layout was created by the Pomona’s owner Marc Jalbert and Wide Open made his vision come to life.  Wide Open worked with Marc from the begining phase of the project to the end and even taught Mr. Jalbert how to edit and maintain the site himself.

With the help of WordPress and some excellent plugins, Pomona’s has a website they are very happy with.

Check out it out

Finally Upgraded

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Well it look WAY longer then I had planned, but I finally got Wide Open Communications up on a fully integrated Content Management System (The Kentico CMS).  Our site is not 100% finished, but I wanted to launch it because my next plan is to get as many “Likes” as possible on our facebook page.

We have many future plans for the site including:

  • Purchase web hosting online
  • Purchase domain names online
  • Adding to our growing list of customer testimonials
  • Adding new sites to our growing portfolio
  • Updating our blog with newly launched sites and other Wide Open news
  • A full privacy statement

I know we are years behind when it comes to purchasing hosting plans online, but for a Web Design/Hosting company in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I don’t think we’re doing too bad.

If you have any questions, comments or need general internet help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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