Scam E-mails and Other Dangers

Written by WideOpenAdmin on February 24, 2011

I received an email today on the behalf of one of our clients. The subject of the email was “Twitter Notification“. I actually received two of them. I looked a bit more into it and realized it was a scam email.

The email posed as a twitter notification email but the link within the email went to a totally different site then what was indicated. This could have went to a site which injected malware on to my computer or to a site that looked like a Twitter login form in an attempt to obtain my username and password for my account.

twitter notification scam email - ALERT

These emails happen WAY to often and you can protect yourself by being careful. If you mouseover a link and wait for a few seconds, you should see a box show up with the URL the link is linked to. If they do not match or it goes to a site you do not recognize, DO NOT CLICK. If you receive a scam email, mark it as spam to avoid any future e-mails from the sender.

Unfortunately, these spammers have a success rate or else they wouldn’t keep sending these out. Just be careful when checking your email. If you have any questions, comments or concerns with your email, please contact us.

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