Wide Open Communications' Website Portfolio

Below is our online portfolio of websites we have designed thus far. If you have any questions, comments or would like to speak to someone
at Wide Open, please feel free to call 1-800-521-9688 or go to our contact page.

Screenshot for the website of Dale Gallon


The meticulously researched historical art of Dale Gallon has driven the Civil War Art market for over 28 years. The Gettysburg Times, Mr. Gallon’s hometown newspaper, said it best, “Dale Gallon continues to provide collectors of limited edition prints with the reality of the Civil War that is unmatched by other artists.” Each of Dale’s paintings is a historical lesson on canvas.

Wide Open designed and host this site. Wide Open also setup the shopping cart software, does routine updates and sends out mass emails to people on their mailing list.

Screenshot for the website Gettysburg Construction.com


The Gettysburg Construction Company believes in the preservation of history. The strength and integrity of men to create a greater quality of life with their hands. A quality that endures the test of time.

Wide Open designed and host this site. Wide Open also maintains this website when the client requests changes.

Website for local business The Gettysburg Trading Post in PA


A website for a local business where you Can turn your personal property into cash! We will buy nearly anything of value like: jewelry, gold, silver, tools, electronics, game systems, games, DVDs, Firearms and more.

Wide Open designed and currently host this website. Wide Open also does website maintenance when required.

Screenshot for HanoverLeadership.com


HAMA is a non-profit membership association with a mission to develop leaders for area organizations.

Wide Open developed this website based on the design that was created by Martin Design Group.  We implemented it on a hosted WordPress platform and perform website maintenance when requested.

Screenshot of HanoverYMCA.org


Official Website for the Hanover location of the YMCA.

Wide Open designed this website and implemented it on a hosted WordPress platform.  Multiple themes were created as various section require a different color scheme.  We also provide hosting for this website and perform site maintenance when requested.


Vastly different, More Equipment, Professionally Run, Intimate Group Size, Years of Experience Hunting Ghost Since 1985. Gettysburg’s most experienced and authentic ghost hunting adventure. Endorsed by The Mason Dixon Paranormal Society.

Wide Open designed and currently host this website. We set it up on a WordPress platform and installed a variety of plug-ins. Lastly, we created the animated flash header for the site.

Screenshot for HeiserLawOffice.com


A website for the law office of Henry O. Heiser, III. A General Civil Practice before Federal and all State Courts handling legal matters in the following areas: Real Estate; Probate, Trust and Estates; Personal Injury; Family, Business, and Municipal Law.

Wide Open designed and host this site and does any updating required.

Screenshot of HiddenValleyHomesAndImprovements.com


Hidden Valley Homes and Improvements is a home improvement business  located in southern Adams County, Pennsylvania owned by Doug Shuey.  While they specialize in building new homes and new additions, they also are proficient in performing repairs to roofs, garages, barns, bathrooms as well as doing siding and windows.

Wide Open designed and currently host this website.  We also perform maintenance when requested.

Screenshot for High Water Mark Relics Website


High Water Mark Relics is a Family owned and operated business located in Fairfield, PA. They are your key source for Civil War Artifacts along with United States Coins and Currency. They have been in business since 2001 and offer a wide varity of items on their site.

Wide Open designed and also currently host this website. We set the website up on an e-Commerce Templates platform so the owners of the business can add, edit and delete the items they want to sell online. We also helped link their online store to their PayPal accounts so they can accept and process orders online.

Screenshot for Hobbitt House Pottery website


Jack Handshaw had an early interest in clay in junior and senior high school in Chambersburg, PA. After graduation he enlisted in the army with recreational services in 1975 and eventually became an instructor in the Army Craft shop at Fort Dix New Jersey. Jack now mainly works in cone 10 reduction porcelains. He makes his own glazes that are lead free and oven proof. He also works in Oxbloods and Celadons.

Wide Open designed and host this site, setup the pottery gallery and does any updating required.