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Written by WideOpenAdmin on January 25, 2012

MAILFAST Delivery Website

From time to time a client comes to us wanting a website based off a design they already have.

Sometimes a client will purchase a design/template or they hire a graphic designer to create the design.  However, once they have the design, they need to turn it into a working website.  This was the case with a website that launched yesterday, MAILFAST.us.

MAILFAST was referred to us by one of our partner companies, 3PSoftware.  The design for the site was created by Taylor Lee Communications.  Taylor emailed us the original Photoshop file that he had created.  We then hid the layers of text and sliced up the images and exported a working HTML page.

We then created an ASP page which became the template page for all the pages on the site.  We incorporated a JavaScript based navigation and created the site’s CSS file.  Once the base page was created, MAILFAST began sending us content to populate the pages.

After all the content was added, we went through all the pages making sure each page had a unique title tag and all the proper meta tags.  The site was then sent to MAILFAST management for approval.  After a few tweaks changes, the site was approved.  We then uploaded all the websites files to 3PSoftware’s servers and they then moved it to a live webserver.  Once the site was live, we got the site Google Verified through the Google Webmaster Tools.  MAILFAST.us is our 56th Google Verified website.

If you have a design for a website that you need turned into a living, breathing website, please contact us and we’ll get you all squared away.

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