Wide Open Redesigns James Dietz

Written by WideOpenAdmin on March 19, 2012

Award-winning military and aviation artist James Dietz has hosted his website at Wide Open for many years and today we launched a redesigned version of his website.

The old JamesDietz.com website was coded many years ago in a language called iHTML and data was stored in a MSSQL database.  The owners of the site wanted to get away from this old store and switch over to an e-commerce system that would evolve as the internet evolved.

Old JamesDietz.com Website Design

Old JamesDietz.com Website Design

We created their new site on the PHP version of e-commerce templates while storing the data in a MySQL database on our Linux server.  We then imported all of the old items and content from the old site into the new site.

We then did some custom coding on the home page to promote the Latest Releases.  We created a function which checks the database for the newest item added to the online store that was recommended by the staff.  Then the top five recommended items are featured on the Latest Works page.  We created these functions to help speed up website maintenance.  Instead of creating multiple images and updating multiple static pages, the website admin now only has to add the new print to the store’s back-end system and check the recommended box.  By checking the recommended box, it updates the home page and Latest Works page while adding the product to the store pages.

One last feature we added was the ability to share the store products on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  Our personal favorite is Mud In Your Eye.

JamesDietz.com is our third site to go live this year.  If you are looking for a new website or want your website redesigned, please let us know.

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