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Written by WideOpenAdmin on February 28, 2012

Music, Gettysburg! Wide Open Blog ImageYesterday we launched the redesigned website Music, Gettysburg!

Music, Gettysburg! is a premier concert series featuring international, regional and local musical artists for the greater southern Pennsylvania region. Concerts are free and open to the public. Support for the series comes from another Wide Open client, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, and also directly from local businesses and individuals.

MusicGettysburg.org has hosted at Wide Open for many years.  Their old website was coded in a very dated language, iHTML.  The staff at Music, Gettysburg! wanted a newer looking website with the ability to make changes, add upcoming events AND have the ability to add and control advertising on their website.  All of the above is possible with WordPress.

First thing we did was create the design.  Music, Gettysburg! said they wanted a design similar to another one of their sites, IntersectionsInstitute.org.  Once they sent us a copy of their logo, we whipped up the design which can be seen on the live site.

We then installed the hosted WordPress system and implemented the design into a custom theme.  After that, we created all the pages on the site and copied & pasted the content from the old site into the new site.  For the website’s navigation, we used a plug-in called Multi-level Navigation Plugin.  We use this plug-in on a lot of our WordPress websites including our own.  From a developer point-of-view, it’s beyond easy to style and fit into any theme and the options are endless.

Once the navigation and pages were set, we had to figure out how to add and manage the upcoming events.  First we were just going to do regular posts under an “events” category but then we found a great plug-in called Event Organiser.  This plug-in creates a custom post-type called Events.  From the Events section of the admin you are able to add, edit and delete Events.  From the single Event editor, you can add the Event start date/time, end date/time, event details, event excerpt and even alter the event permalink.  What’s really neat is the venues.  From the venues section of the admin, you can add a venue name, address and description.  Once the details of the venue are added, it finds the venue on an embedded Google Map.  This map can then me used on your event page so the user knows where the event is located.  We used the Event Organiser plug-in to list upcoming events on the site’s sidebar as well as their full season schedule.

After creating a performers page and news page, the last large task was to find a solution to handle the advertising on the website.  There are a TON of advertising plug-ins out there, many of which contain too many options and are confusing.  There is one though that is simple to understand yet has the complexity of the others which is called AdRotate.  With this plug-in, I was able to create two advertising spots.  One in the sidebar and one in the header.  Music, Gettysburg! staff will be able to create ad images then upload them to the WordPress admin to create advertisements on their website.  They can select the uploaded image from their Media Library then enter a URL for the ad to link to.  They can even set the ad to stop displaying after so many clicks or impressions.  If they enter multiple ads, they can select certain ads to have a heavier “weight” to take priority over other ads.  Heavier ads will display more often then lighter ads.  Overall, it’s a GREAT plug-in to use when you want to control advertising on your website.

To wrap it all up we used Velvet Blues Update URLs plug-in to change all the development URLs to the live URL and installed & activated Jetpack as well as Google XML Sitemaps and All in One SEO Pack.

MusicGettysburg.org is our latest WordPress site to go live & one we’re pretty proud of.

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