WordPress 3.3 Now Available

Written by WideOpenAdmin on December 13, 2011

WordPress 3.3 UpdateThis morning, I logged into WideOpen.net’s WordPress admin to see our latest stats when I was greeted to an alert that WordPress 3.3 was available.  After updating, I saw some pretty neat changes.

First one I noticed was an update screen which lets you know that your WordPress system has been updated.  You can also view the credits of the people who helped craft the latest update.  They also added tool tips which pop-up after the update to point out all the new features.

Second big thing I noticed was an updated left hand navigation bar in the admin.  Now when you mouseover an option a pop-out displays with various sub-options (example: you mouse over Posts, a pop-out displays with All Posts, Add new, Categories and Tags).  This makes it easier to get to your desired destination much quicker.

The third major change I noticed was with uploading media.  You now have the ability to drag-and-drop files into the upload window.  They also did away with multiple upload icons (image, music, media) and replaced them with one general icon.  The upload method now relies on HTML5 & Silverlight instead of Flash.

Other changes include an updated Admin Bar, updated jQuery code, responsive layout and the added ability to customize the post editor.

If you’re using WordPress, I highly recommend updating ASAP.

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