About Wide Open Communications

Wide Open Communications is a locally owned company based in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for almost a decade.

We strive to achieve an excellent standard of customer service. This is the number one benefit with bringing your business to us. When you have a question or concern, just pickup the phone and call us. I promise you that you will talk to one of our fine employees in our Gettysburg office. No long holds with terrible music, no out-sourced employee located overseas, just a simple “hello” with a friendly voice on the other end.

While we are located in Gettysburg PA, we host and have created sites for businesses in York PA, Hanover PA, Littlestown PA, New Oxford PA, Spring Grove PA, New York, Virginia, West Virginia and even California.

Take a chance and bring your website to us – you won’t be disappointed!!

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WOC Develops New OsterbergLLC.com

Wide Open teamed up once again with Taylor Lee Communications to develop a new website, OsterbergLLC.com.

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