WOC Develops New OsterbergLLC.com

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Osterberg LLC Blog Image Wide Open teamed up once again with Taylor Lee Communications to develop a new website, OsterbergLLC.com.

Taylor Lee created the site’s design then sent us the photoshop files.  We sliced up those files and created a custom theme for WordPress.  This way Eric Osterberg could log in and make changes to his site whenever he needed.

The WordPress end of the site is pretty standard.  The site utilizes the default post and page document types to store it’s content.  We did use an image slider plug-in called TheTheFly on the home page to side between various banner images.  We also installed a variety of other plug-ins including the All-In-One SEO Pack, Jetpack, Google XML Sitemaps, a WP to Twitter plug-in and a WP to Facebook plug-in.

One of the last things we did was import Mr. Osterberg’s TypePad blog into his hosted WordPress.  Doing this will increase his odds of generating and bringing in more search engine traffic, opposed to having this blog and blog content hosted elsewhere.

The final step was exporting the development MySQL database and importing it to their website and uploading all the required files to make the website work.  We wrapped it all up then by getting the website Google Verified.

If you are seeking  a web developer, web design or need general internet help, please let us know.

Battlefield Collection Military Sportswear gets re-developed at Wide Open

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Wide Open Re-Develops Battlefield Collection LLC.Battlefield Collection Authentic Military Sportswear is the nations premier military sportswear line and an Officially Licensed Product of the US Army, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy.

After working on and launching PhilPierceArt.com, Phil told us he had another project he wanted us to help with.  He explained the site was currently live and looked ok, but the developers didn’t make it work the way Phil and his partners wanted it to work.  So they brought it over to Wide Open.

The issues with the site consisted of load times, lack of search engine optimization and clunky checkout process.  Among a long list of changes and tweaks, the biggest thing they wanted was to have a single page checkout.

We took Phil’s design and implemented it within WordPress.  We created a custom theme and then installed and setup the WP e-Commerce plug-in.  With this plug-in, we were able to have their single page checkout, incorporate their Auth.net credit card processing and have total control over the design of the store.

All of their product images were transparent .png files which caused a lot of their heavy load times.  They were like this so they could display the stone background behind the product images.  What we did was left the thumbnails as .png files but for the large product images, we placed the stone background within the image and saved them as .jpgs.  This lighted their load times a good bit.  Their slider images were also .pngs which we converted over to .jpgs as well.

To help with search engine optimization, we installed and setup the All-in-One SEO Pack plug-in so each page would have its own title, description and keywords.  We also made images contain their product titles within the image tags and tried to use as much plain text as possible.

One last thing we setup was some RSS readers on the main military branch pages.  To achieve this, we used the Display RSS Feeds Anywhere plug-in.  Each military branch pages pulls in their respective branch news from the Military Times Network RSS feeds.

BattlefieldCollection.com is our 6th site to go live at Wide Open in 2012.  It is also our 63rd Google Verified website.

If you are looking for web hosting, web design or web development, please let us know.  We are more then happy to help.


Wide Open Develops PeckMotorsports.com

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Wide Open Develops Peck Motorsports.comWide Open has teamed up with Martin Design Group once again to develop a new site, PeckMotorsports.com

We developed PeckMotorsports.com to be extra easy to update. From the WordPress admin, the Peck staff can easily update any of their pages on the site plus much more.

Using the Event Organizer, they can all add future events which involve Peck Motorsports. The plug-in creates the event as a stand alone page to help with search engine optimization. Event pages include a Google Map of the event location and details of the event. Events are also listed on the home page.

We also setup a Twitter plug-in which displays @PeckMotorsports twitter feed on the home page.

One big thing Peck Motorsports wanted was a photo gallery. Using WordPress’s built in function to get a pages attached images, we were able to hardcode in a standard lightbox script. This way all the staff has to do is create the page and upload the images. The script will render the thumbnails and lightbox tags to display a nice photogallery.

PeckMotorsports.com is the 5th website to go live at Wide Open this year and is also 7th site that Wide Open has developed in 2012.

New Oxford Ray’s Win Championship

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In the 2012 New Oxford Junior Baseball Cal Ripken League baseball season, Wide Open sponsored The Rays.

New Oxford Rays Baseball Banner

The Rays, 1 of 6 teams in the Minor Division for New Oxford Junior Baseball Cal Ripken League, took 1st place.  Other teams in the Division were the Cubs, Mets, Diamondbacks, Angels, and the Twins

The Rays had an awesome season.  The picture above (click for larger view) is the team getting their 1st place trophies after beating the Dbacks with a score of 5 to 2.

The Rays then went on to win their Championship game against Diamonbacks once again with a score of 3 to 2.

The Rays finished their amazing season with a record of 17-0.

BIG Congratulations to all the players, coaches and fans.

ABBInd.com Moves to Hosted WordPress

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ABBInd.com developed by Wide Open CommunicationsWe recently helped in the re-development and launching of Abbottstown Industries, Inc. new website, ABBInd.com.

The website’s design was created by the Martin Design Group from Hanover, PA.  When ABBInd approved the design, the photoshop file was sent to Wide Open for us to develop it into a fully functioning WordPress website.

We used a variety of plug-ins for the website including Contact Form 7, All in One SEO Pack, Viper’s Video QuicktagsGlobal TranslatorMulti-level Navigation Plugin and Jetpack.

After getting the site configured, we went out and showed Martin Design Group how to use the WordPress admin so he could show the client how to update and maintain their future website.

Once Abbottstown Industries approved the website, we exported the MySQL database and moved it and the files of the website to their current host.  Within a few minutes later, the website was live.  We then got the site Google verified.

Martin Design Group and Wide Open will be teaming up in the future for more web projects, so stay tuned.

Purchase Hosting from Wide Open

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After months of testing, tweaking and launching websites, we finally are ready to unveil the option to purchase your own web hosting online!

We now offer the option for people to securely purchase web hosting, domain names and even reseller hosting through Wide Open Communications.   You can begin the process at by clicking here.

Our web hosting packages start at $9.99/month (or $99.99/year).  We also offer the option to purchase premium SPAM filtering and a Shared SSL Certificate with your web hosting.  You can view all of our packages and add-ons on our Pricing page.

Along with our web hosting, you can also register a new or transfer an existing domain to Wide Open.  Domain Transfers are a one-time cost of $35.00 while domain registrations and renewals start at $29.99/year.  We currently are setup to accept .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, .mobi, .pro, .us.com and .us.org.  If there is a Top Level Domain (TLD) you would like that is not on our list, let us know as we can accept MANY more.

The last product we offer is Reseller Web Hosting.  This is a product for web designers/developers who don’t have physical access to servers.  You can purchase a Reseller hosting plan starting at $29.95/month (or $299.99/year).  Our Bronze Package includes 10 domains, 50GB of web space, 500GB of bandwidth 25 email accounts, 10 MySQL Databases and 10 FTP accounts.  You can view all of our Reseller Packages on our Pricing page.

To pay for your order, we are currently using PayPal to authorize and charge credit cards.  When you are ready to pay for your order, you will be transferred over to PayPal.com.  This does not mean you need a PayPal account to finish your transaction.  When you see the PayPal page, you’ll see a section of the site which says “Don’t have a PayPal account?” (Click here to view screenshot).  Click that link and a new section will open up asking for your credit card details.  Once the transaction is completed, you will be transferred back over to WideOpen.net.

Once your order is received and payment has been completed, we will create your hosting account within 24 hours (or less).  You will receive a series of confirmation emails verifying your account creation, payment confirmation and when your hosting account is ready to use.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us.  You can call or email us.  We are in the office from 8am to 4pm eastern standard time.

Wide Open Develops PhilPierceArt.com

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Phil Pierce Art Wide Open Blog ImageWe recently launched a new website for military artist Phil Pierce.  The new website is PhilPierceArt.com.

The website serves as an not only an online portfolio of Phil’s work but also a place to purchase Phil’s artwork online.

This website has one of the sharpest designs in Wide Open’s portfolio and unfortunately, we can not take credit for it.  The designed was created by Phil himself.  What we did was take the original, multi-layered photoshop design Phil created and turned it into a fully functioning website.

We first took his design and extracted all the images we needed to create a standard template (background images, navigation images, hover images, ect).  We then created multiple static pages which include the artist biography, art dealers page and contact page.

After getting the static pages created, we installed and configured a PHP version e-commerce templates online store.  Once the store files were configured and MySQL database was setup, we used the design from the static pages and implemented them into the store pages.

Once the store was setup, we moved on to adding a hosted WordPress blog.  This required creating an additional MySQL database and developing a theme to match the online store pages and static pages.

Once everything was setup, we asked the client to check it out.  Once everything was approved, we linked the store to the clients payment processor, ran a few test transactions and made the site live and got the site Google Verified.

This site is the forth site we launched this year.  This is also our forth website in the past five years in which we took another designer’s design and turned it into a fully functioning website.  Besides PhilPierceArt.com, we have also done this for NYSSA-PGA.org, MailFast.us and Pomonas.com.

So if you are a web or graphic designer who can design a site but can’t turn it into a functioning website, give us a call or email us.

Wide Open Redesigns James Dietz

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Award-winning military and aviation artist James Dietz has hosted his website at Wide Open for many years and today we launched a redesigned version of his website.

The old JamesDietz.com website was coded many years ago in a language called iHTML and data was stored in a MSSQL database.  The owners of the site wanted to get away from this old store and switch over to an e-commerce system that would evolve as the internet evolved.

Old JamesDietz.com Website Design

Old JamesDietz.com Website Design

We created their new site on the PHP version of e-commerce templates while storing the data in a MySQL database on our Linux server.  We then imported all of the old items and content from the old site into the new site.

We then did some custom coding on the home page to promote the Latest Releases.  We created a function which checks the database for the newest item added to the online store that was recommended by the staff.  Then the top five recommended items are featured on the Latest Works page.  We created these functions to help speed up website maintenance.  Instead of creating multiple images and updating multiple static pages, the website admin now only has to add the new print to the store’s back-end system and check the recommended box.  By checking the recommended box, it updates the home page and Latest Works page while adding the product to the store pages.

One last feature we added was the ability to share the store products on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  Our personal favorite is Mud In Your Eye.

JamesDietz.com is our third site to go live this year.  If you are looking for a new website or want your website redesigned, please let us know.

WOC Redesigns Music,Gettysburg!

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Music, Gettysburg! Wide Open Blog ImageYesterday we launched the redesigned website Music, Gettysburg!

Music, Gettysburg! is a premier concert series featuring international, regional and local musical artists for the greater southern Pennsylvania region. Concerts are free and open to the public. Support for the series comes from another Wide Open client, the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, and also directly from local businesses and individuals.

MusicGettysburg.org has hosted at Wide Open for many years.  Their old website was coded in a very dated language, iHTML.  The staff at Music, Gettysburg! wanted a newer looking website with the ability to make changes, add upcoming events AND have the ability to add and control advertising on their website.  All of the above is possible with WordPress.

First thing we did was create the design.  Music, Gettysburg! said they wanted a design similar to another one of their sites, IntersectionsInstitute.org.  Once they sent us a copy of their logo, we whipped up the design which can be seen on the live site.

We then installed the hosted WordPress system and implemented the design into a custom theme.  After that, we created all the pages on the site and copied & pasted the content from the old site into the new site.  For the website’s navigation, we used a plug-in called Multi-level Navigation Plugin.  We use this plug-in on a lot of our WordPress websites including our own.  From a developer point-of-view, it’s beyond easy to style and fit into any theme and the options are endless.

Once the navigation and pages were set, we had to figure out how to add and manage the upcoming events.  First we were just going to do regular posts under an “events” category but then we found a great plug-in called Event Organiser.  This plug-in creates a custom post-type called Events.  From the Events section of the admin you are able to add, edit and delete Events.  From the single Event editor, you can add the Event start date/time, end date/time, event details, event excerpt and even alter the event permalink.  What’s really neat is the venues.  From the venues section of the admin, you can add a venue name, address and description.  Once the details of the venue are added, it finds the venue on an embedded Google Map.  This map can then me used on your event page so the user knows where the event is located.  We used the Event Organiser plug-in to list upcoming events on the site’s sidebar as well as their full season schedule.

After creating a performers page and news page, the last large task was to find a solution to handle the advertising on the website.  There are a TON of advertising plug-ins out there, many of which contain too many options and are confusing.  There is one though that is simple to understand yet has the complexity of the others which is called AdRotate.  With this plug-in, I was able to create two advertising spots.  One in the sidebar and one in the header.  Music, Gettysburg! staff will be able to create ad images then upload them to the WordPress admin to create advertisements on their website.  They can select the uploaded image from their Media Library then enter a URL for the ad to link to.  They can even set the ad to stop displaying after so many clicks or impressions.  If they enter multiple ads, they can select certain ads to have a heavier “weight” to take priority over other ads.  Heavier ads will display more often then lighter ads.  Overall, it’s a GREAT plug-in to use when you want to control advertising on your website.

To wrap it all up we used Velvet Blues Update URLs plug-in to change all the development URLs to the live URL and installed & activated Jetpack as well as Google XML Sitemaps and All in One SEO Pack.

MusicGettysburg.org is our latest WordPress site to go live & one we’re pretty proud of.

Wide Open Helps with MAILFAST.us

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MAILFAST Delivery Website

From time to time a client comes to us wanting a website based off a design they already have.

Sometimes a client will purchase a design/template or they hire a graphic designer to create the design.  However, once they have the design, they need to turn it into a working website.  This was the case with a website that launched yesterday, MAILFAST.us.

MAILFAST was referred to us by one of our partner companies, 3PSoftware.  The design for the site was created by Taylor Lee Communications.  Taylor emailed us the original Photoshop file that he had created.  We then hid the layers of text and sliced up the images and exported a working HTML page.

We then created an ASP page which became the template page for all the pages on the site.  We incorporated a JavaScript based navigation and created the site’s CSS file.  Once the base page was created, MAILFAST began sending us content to populate the pages.

After all the content was added, we went through all the pages making sure each page had a unique title tag and all the proper meta tags.  The site was then sent to MAILFAST management for approval.  After a few tweaks changes, the site was approved.  We then uploaded all the websites files to 3PSoftware’s servers and they then moved it to a live webserver.  Once the site was live, we got the site Google Verified through the Google Webmaster Tools.  MAILFAST.us is our 56th Google Verified website.

If you have a design for a website that you need turned into a living, breathing website, please contact us and we’ll get you all squared away.

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