Other Web Solutions

Wide Open Communications has a wide array of web tools to help your website achive its maximum potential.  We offer full content management systems, security certificates, blogging systems, online shopping carts and even offer custom coded solutions to fit your needs.

Custom Coded Solutions

Sometimes the “out of the box” solution either has too much or too little for what you are looking for.  That’s when custom coding comes into play.  At Wide Open, we have made multiple sites which have a custom coded back end system for our clients to access.  These systems are password protected and created to fit your needs.  Some examples are CathysCountryHome.net.

Website Maintenance

Wide Open Communications does website maintenance on a daily basis for a variety of clients.  Some clients host at Wide Open while others host on different servers.  Our maintenance charge is $65 an hour.  We also offer maintenance contracts for clients who need updates done on a more frequent basis.  If you would like us to maintain your website, please call 717-337-2424 or 1-800-521-9688 or email us.

Custom Mass HTML E-mails

Wide Open has created and sent thousands of custom created HTML emails and newsletters.  We can create these emails and send them through our mail server or if you prefer, we can supply the HTML code and you can send them through your perferred email client.  We will work with whatever is easiest for you.

Setup and Designing Blogs

Blogs are a great way to share information or market your business.  WordPress has almost become the industry standard for a blog, however there are many other blogging websites out there that you can use.  Whatever you use, Wide Open can help setup and design a template for your blog.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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