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Web Design Monitor Full of DesignsWebsite design is more than just making web pages. For Wide Open, the pages themselves are part of a larger plan that has been conceived and carried out from the beginning to meet our clients needs.

The production process begins with understanding our client’s experience, identity, and goals. From there we can recommend a course of action that allows our understanding of web marketing to best enable them to achieve their goal. Sometimes the process involves adapting an established corporate identity to this medium. Other times it will mean creating a whole new identity.

Throughout the production process, we make a point of maintaining a clear channel of communication with our clients to keep them informed and involved.

Like a city, a good website is a living, growing, and changing tool that helps people do things. There needs to be aesthetic appeal, useful functionality, and an intuitive interface.

In the extremely competitive online world, a new site cannot afford to have a deficit on any of these fronts. Wide Open’s experience gives us the ability to address each one effectively, and feel that our portfolio demonstrates this fact.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services and experience, or wish to discuss how we might be able to help you reach your online goals.

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